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Joanna Robinson is a podcaster and cultural critic for The Ringer appearing on several shows including The Ringer-Verse (covering all things fandom), Trial By Content, The Prestige TV feed, and more. Formerly a senior writer at Vanity Fair from 2014-2021. She was the founder and co-host of both A Storm of Spoilers and A Cast of Kings podcasts as well as Vanity Fair’s Still Watching podcast and the magazine’s awards season show Little Gold Men. She has also served as a featured panel moderator at marquee events such as SXSW, Con of Thrones, Mill Valley Film Festival, and ATX Television Festival.


Joanna has been profiled in the San Francisco Chronicle, IndieWire, and Recode Media for her work on pop culture. In 2019, SyFy dubbed her the "Queen of Game of Thrones" for her insightful coverage of the one of the biggest pop-culture events of the young century. Her ability to connect with top talent from some of the greatest shows of our time brings new perspectives to stories that have been out for years. She specializes in building communities of devoted listeners who connect with each other over shared love of TV.

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